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Legal and security
A high level of data security is our top priority at Montonio. We follow the data security guidelines based on ISO 27001, and our data security is regularly audited by specialised IT auditors to ensure the safety and protection of our customers' data.
Yes, our payment service is insured with a liability insurance contract worth 1.5 million euros from one of the largest insurers in Europe with an excellent Standard & Poor's rating of A. This liability insurance covers potential claims related to security incidents and fraud, among other things.
Payment initiation services at Montonio are provided by Montonio Finance UAB, a Lithuanian limited liability company with registry code 305205122 and address Konstitucijos pr. 7, LT-09308 Vilnius, Lithuania. We hold a payment institution license No LB002007, issued by the Bank of Lithuania.

"Pay later" services are provided in Estonia by Montonio Finance OÜ, an Estonian limited liability company with registry code 14557628 and address Kai 1, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia. We hold a credit intermediation license No 4.1-1/95, issued by the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority.
You can find our terms of service here. Please make sure to review and understand these terms before using our services.
We prioritise the protection of our customers' data at Montonio. We follow data security guidelines based on ISO 27001 and regularly audit our data security with specialised IT auditors to ensure the safety and protection of our customers' data. We have strong technical and organisational security measures in place to ensure secure handling of personal data. More information can be found from our privacy policy.
Other questions
No, we do not offer POS terminals.
To add the Montonio logo to your store, you can go to the settings in any of our plugins and choose whether or not to display our logo and/or text.
Montonio's payment solution has been designed with a focus on maximising payment conversion. While we have taken all possible measures to minimise the number of unfinished transactions, the conversion rate also depends on the customers payment behaviour and the reliability of the banks. On average, Montonio's payment conversion rate is around 97%, but some large-scale merchants have achieved a conversion rate of 99%.

The overall conversion rate of an online store can be influenced by various factors, including the attractiveness and pricing of your products or services, the user experience of your website, and the payment methods and options you offer to your customers. It is always a good idea to continuously monitor and optimise your conversion rate to ensure that you are maximising the number of successful transactions and minimising any potential barriers to payment.

Offering additional payment options such as Montonio "Pay later" has been shown to significantly increase conversion rates for merchants as they provide customers with the option to pay for their purchases in instalments rather than upfront, which can be more appealing and convenient for some customers.
About Montonio
There are several reasons why you should choose Montonio's payment options for your online store:

1. Wide range of payment options: Montonio offers a variety of payment options, including bank payments, card payments, Split financing, and Financing. This allows you to offer your customers a range of payment options, increasing the chances that they will complete their purchase.

2. High conversion rate: Montonio's payment solution is designed with a high conversion rate in mind, and merchants using Montonio have reported conversion rates as high as 99%.

3. Low fees: Montonio's fees are competitive and transparent, with no hidden costs or cancellation fees.

4. Data security: Montonio takes data security seriously and follows data security rules based on ISO 27001.

5. Customer support: Montonio provides excellent customer support to help merchants with any issues or questions they may have.

Overall, Montonio's payment options offer a convenient, reliable, and cost-effective way for merchants to accept payments from their customers.
Our payment service is provided through the innovative payment initiation service created by the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). In the case of traditional bank links, banks charge payment service providers a commission. They cannot charge a commission for the payment initiation service. Demand for our service is also on a strong growth trend, which allows us to offer competitive pricing to our merchants.
Yes, our payment options are secure and trustworthy and already trusted by over 6,000 merchants. We prioritise data security and follow the rules outlined in ISO 27001. Our data security is also regularly audited by specialised IT auditors to ensure its integrity.
Montonio's solutions are trusted by over 6,000 ecommerce businesses across the Baltics, Finland, Poland, and Germany.
There are several reasons why merchants choose Montonio over other payment providers. We offer competitive pricing, excellent customer support, and a commitment to constantly improving and finding the best solutions for our merchants to grow their business.
Our team consists of more than sixty people and we operate in all of the Baltic countries, Poland, Finland, and Germany.
You can contact us by email at support@montonio.com or by phone at one of the following numbers:
+372 5333 4770 (in Estonian)
+372 5333 4770 (in English)
+371 66778881 (in Latvian)
+370 684 98741 (in Lithuanian)
+372 5383 6272 (in Russian)

Our customer support team is available 9:00-17:30 on weekdays.
Do you have any other questions? Contact us and we will be happy to help.

Trusted by 6,000+ businesses

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