Payment solution

All popular payment
options at a low cost

Savings in comparison to pricing: Savings in comparison to pricing: 2.5% + 0.3 €
Up to 10x more affordable than others. Don’t believe it? Play around with the calculator and see for yourself.

Transaction fee


Monthly savings

Monthly savings


Montonio has a monthly minimum invoice of 5€ which is only applicable if the ecommerce is making less than 100 transactions a month. No invoice will be sent if the ecommerce hasn't made any transactions during the month.
Monthly revenue 112 000€
Value of average order 500€+
Savings in comparison to pricing: Savings in comparison to pricing: 2.5% + 0.3 €

Hear from our happy merchants

Montonio is an excellent and trustworthy partner. Super fast payments, very low fees, great and easy usability and a personal approach to solution-oriented customer support.

Definitely recommend!



We joined Montonio when they had just started out and we’re really happy with our collaboration and it has only kept getting better and better. The team behind Montonio is very open to feedback and incorporating it into their services. Their customer support is great and they swiftly take care of issues should they come up. Can recommend!



Very friendly and helpful customer support. The team is really there to help you out and to make your life even easier.


Htm Karolin

If we’ve had any issues, the team has helped out even during the weekend. We’re very happy with Montonio and hopefully we’ll have a long collaboration for years to come!



We haven’t had a single problem with Montonio! They are super quick to reply and always find a solution or an answer to your question.
Definitely recommend!


Pure Cosmetics

Professional and fast responses from customer support, the service works flawlessly and is constantly getting even better. And it’s affordable!



GoGoNano’s collaboration with Montonio began shortly after they entered the market with a desire to find a solution for accepting payments while avoiding unreasonably high service fees. Montonio solved this problem and more. In addition to several new payment options, the service is very fast and helpful. I have recommended the solution to many merchants and I will definitely recommend it in the future as well!



Integrations are
a piece of cake

Adding Montonio to your store is only a matter of minutes.

Funds deposited to a bank of your own choosing

All payments made through Montonio are instantly deposited to your chosen bank account.

Supporting payments
from all Baltic banks

Up-to-date integrations with all banks in the Baltics and soon enough everywhere in Europe.

Good old
card payments

With Montonio, you can easily add card payments to your checkout.

Fast and secure card payments

Give your customers more ways to pay. In addition to payment links, Montonio lets your users pay by card.

Read more from our FAQ page.

We’ll be in your store in 2 minutes

Easily integrated plugins for all popular e-commerce platforms and our own API for custom integrations.

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A dashboard built for efficiency

Your efficiency is our priority: check order details, view transactions and manage your financing. Easy.

Other products

Buy now, pay later

Split payments without any additional interest or contract fees

Buy now, pay later

Split payments without any additional interest or contract fees

Montonio Split allows paying in instalments with no additional interest or contract fees for the customer.

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One application – multiple loan offers


One application – multiple loan offers

By receiving offers from multiple lenders at once, the customer is more likely to find a fitting offer and
drop-off is reduced by up to 35%.

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Handle everything from one system


Handle everything from one system

Automatically generate, edit and print shipping labels without having to ever leave our dashboard.

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