Refunds for
online stores

Say goodbye to manual work, we’ve streamlined the refund process to be effortless and hassle-free! You can do a partial or full refund automatically over API, and you can also initiate a refund with a couple of clicks in the Montonio Partner System.
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Why Montonio refunds?

Automated refund process,
less manual work

Refunds don’t have to be a burden, thanks to Montonio.

Make refunds in seconds

We made the process of refunding orders simpler, easier, and quicker, triggering the refunds from the Partner System or from your ERP system via Montonio’s API.

You can also manage refunds directly from your online store admin side in Magento 2, WooCommerce and other popular ecommerce platforms.

Everything works automagically

Just a couple of clicks and the money is refunded automatically. Refunds can be made in the Montonio Partner System, no manual bank transfers needed.

An API for custom integrations makes the entire refund process even easier. Your customers will value the speed and quality of the return process–no need to have a weekly refund cycle with manually confirming payments in the bank.

Less work for your accountant

With a detailed summary of orders and refunds, Montonio refunds give your accountant a clear overview, reducing the time spent on bureaucratic procedures like matching transactions.