Buy now, pay later

Increase sales, increase the average shopping cart value and offer your customers more payment options by adding Inbank “Pay later” and financing to your online store.
Available in:

Pay later

Let customers split their purchase into one, two or three equal instalments with zero fees or interest.

  • Quick and convenient purchase process
  • Purchase amount (depending on the period) 30-2,500€
  • Interest-free for the buyer
  • The merchant pays a small fee for the service
  • The merchant receives the money immediately

“Pay later” is especially popular among younger buyers and is a good way to increase the value of the average shopping cart in your online store.

Flexible financing

Just the right solution for financing larger purchases. The customer can choose a payment schedule that exactly suits their needs.

  • 30 seconds from request to offer
  • Purchase amount 100-10,000€
  • Instalment period 3-72 months
  • The buyer pays the interest and service fee
  • No service fee for the merchant
  • The merchant receives the money immediately

With financing instalment payments, your customers can also make larger purchases and this in turn increases the sales of your online store!

Turn visitors into buyers

Boost sales with “Buy now, pay later”

Offer more payment options for customers, you still get full payment upfront.

Increase conversion

Having “Pay later” as a payment method helps finalise purchases of undecided shoppers.

Grow your online business

Offering “Pay later” and instalment payments to your customers increases your online store’s conversion rate and average order value.

Get full payment upfront

Shoppers pay in instalments over time but you will get the full amount upfront.

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