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The Montonio payment solution enables online stores to accept payments from major Baltic and Finnish banks with a single integration. Through thousands of A/B tests we've built a solution with market-leading conversions.
90% of payments made are instant payments and are sent from the customer's account directly to the merchant's account within the span of a few seconds. If the payment cannot be made as an instant payment, the money will be received as a SEPA payment every few hours on working days. Regular payments initiated on weekends and public holidays will be credited to the merchant's account on the next business day between 08.45-10.00.
All payments are received in one bank account designated by the merchant. Unlike bank links, Montonio payment links do not require you to open a bank account in all the banks you receive payments from.
We offer payment links for all banks in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and a few major banks in Finland.
We have integrations for Nordea and OP Bank. We are working on getting other major Finnish banks integrated as well.
On the payment page in the online store, the customer selects the bank from which they want to initiate the payment and is directed to the bank for authentication. If the customer has several accounts in the selected bank, they select the account from which they wish to initiate the payment and are shown the payment details. If they only have one account with the selected bank, they will be shown the payment details immediately. In the last step, the customer confirms the payment and is redirected back to the online store.
Credit card payments are live. You can activate card payments from our partner system after signing up.

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