New feature: automatic refunds for online stores

Managing refunds for online stores can be a time-consuming and cumbersome task: keeping track of how much needs to be paid to which account and then actually transferring the money. But with Montonio’s latest feature, refunding money for returned products becomes an effortless and hassle-free task. Say goodbye to manual work and hello to quick, automated refunds. Let’s explore how we streamlined the refund process, making it easier and quicker for online businesses.

On average, around 20-30% of online purchases are returned. It means that as your business grows, managing refunds for online stores can become increasingly challenging. That’s why we launched Montonio Refunds. You can do a partial or full refund automatically over API, and you can also initiate a refund with a couple of clicks in the Montonio Partner System. No more manual transactions, from now on it’s a nice smooth refund experience both for you and your customers.

Make refunds in a matter of seconds

Here’s how it all works: you can trigger refunds from the Partner System or your ERP system via Montonio’s API. You can also manage refunds directly from your online store admin in Magento 2, WooCommerce, and other popular ecommerce platforms.

Everything works automagically

When we say hassle-free, we really mean it. Just a couple of clicks and the money is refunded automatically. Refunds can be made in the Montonio Partner System, no manual bank transfers are needed. An API for custom integrations makes the entire refunding process even easier. Your customers will value the speed and quality of the return process – no need to have a weekly refund cycle with manually confirming payments in the bank.

Less work for your accountant

Our detailed order and refund summaries provide your accountant with a clear overview, reducing the time spent on bureaucratic procedures like matching transactions. Montonio refunds take care of the tedious tasks, allowing your accountant to focus on more important matters.

Karakara, a popular Lithuanian online store, was one of the first ones to start using Montonio refunds and their initial impressions were very positive. “Our customers return 5-10% of purchases and making refunds with Montonio is super simple and easy,” commented Tomas Petkevičius, the managing director of Karakara.Being able to make refunds in one second is the biggest value for us –  a true game-changer for our business!”

With Montonio’s new refunds feature, managing refunds for your online store has never been more straightforward. Enjoy effortless and hassle-free refunds with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to manual work and welcome the efficiency and convenience of Montonio’s automated refund process. Give it a try and provide your customers with a seamless refund experience.