Montonio hits 18-month milestone in Poland amidst strategic growth

Montonio, a fast-growing online payment solutions provider, celebrated its 18-month milestone in Poland, amidst plans to expand its local team, reflecting its commitment to the burgeoning Polish e-commerce sector. Since its successful launch in Poland in March 2022, Montonio has become a trusted choice for merchants, owing to its innovative payment solutions and unparalleled service quality.

“In less than two years since we launched we have experienced an overwhelming interest in Montonio’s services, with an impressive uptick in Polish merchants integrating our platform,” shared Andrzej Bagiński, Montonio’s Poland Country Manager. “Moreover, our localized customer support, along with our competitive pricing structure, further bolsters our appeal in the Polish market. The decision to expand our team as we hit 18 months in the country is a logical step in our business growth strategy and speaks to the successes we’ve already attained in Poland.”

A testimonial from a Polish publisher reinforces Montonio’s impact. Rafał Hatlaś commented: “Thanks to Montonio, our store checkout conversion increased by 28%, and our transaction costs have dropped by 50%. Integration with Montonio enabled us to add BLIK payments as a separate method to our checkout, increasing BLIK usage by over 25%.”

Montonio’s milestones in Poland are noteworthy, with the addition of BLIK, Apple and Google Pay onto its platform standing out as pivotal achievements. Furthermore, one of Montonio’s distinguishing strengths is its high payment conversion rate. For well-established brands with optimized stores, Montonio has facilitated payment conversion rates of up to 97%.

Bagiński added, “Our growth in Poland is a reflection of our broader vision to revolutionize the e-commerce payment landscape. We’re excited about our future endeavors and are confident that our team expansion will further solidify our position in the region.” 

As Montonio continues to ascend in the fintech space, the company is gearing up for further announcements, promising to bring unparalleled value to merchants and consumers alike.

About Montonio:

Founded in 2018, Montonio is an European payment and ecommerce solutions provider with a comprehensive platform that enables merchants to accept payments and manage various ecommerce services seamlessly. With a robust suite of services from financing to shipping and refund management, Montonio eliminates the need for multiple systems and offers tailored solutions for specific markets. Today, Montonio is used in 6,000+ online stores in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. For more information, visit