Montonio and Inbank join forces to offer flexible financing solutions 

Inbank has entered into an exclusive partnership with Montonio, a leading provider of checkout solutions in Estonia. The initial phase of the partnership will be rolled out in Estonia, with future plans to expand to other markets. 

Montonio is known for offering a range of payment and ecommerce services to its merchants, including payment initiation, card payments, pay later, and financing. These services empower merchants to seamlessly manage various e-commerce transactions, and offer flexible financing to consumers. As of now, Inbank will exclusively provide BNPL and instalment payment services through Montonio’s checkout.

Piret Paulus, Inbank’s Head of Growth and Business Development and Member of the Board, comments:  

“Inbank looks for solutions that make sense and we want to do things in a smart way. Instead of always building everything from scratch, we sometimes choose to work with highly competent partners. And vice versa – our strategic partners might not have the know-how in financing, but that’s where Inbank can step in and provide valuable support.

Our current and potential partners have emphasized the need for a full checkout solution and we’ve been on the lookout for a strategic partner who’s capable of delivering a top-notch solution. Montonio caught our attention with its high-quality and user-friendly platform for merchants. Their technological capabilities and user-friendly interface make them an excellent choice for providing a complete checkout solution with.”

Markus Lember, Montonio’s CEO and co-founder, comments: 

“Buy now, pay later options have transformed the way consumers shop, offering flexibility In 2024, this trend continues to grow, especially among younger shoppers who appreciate the ability to spread payments over time without incurring interest. This trend not only empowers consumers with more purchasing power but also urges retailers to integrate these options seamlessly into their payment systems.”

About Montonio

Founded in 2018, Montonio is a European payment and ecommerce solutions provider with a comprehensive platform that enables merchants to accept payments and manage various ecommerce services seamlessly. With a robust suite of services from financing to shipping and refund management, Montonio eliminates the need for multiple systems and offers tailored solutions for specific markets. Today, Montonio is used in 6,000+ online stores in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

About Inbank 

Inbank is a financial technology company with an EU banking license that connects merchants, consumers and financial institutions on its next generation embedded finance platform. Partnering with 5,400+ merchants, Inbank has 894,000+ active contracts and collects deposits across 8 European markets. Inbank bonds are listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange.