Estonian E-commerce Association’s survey: 97% of merchants are satisfied with Montonio

Estonian E-commerce Association’s survey reveals that out of all payment solutions, merchants are most satisfied with Montonio.

In May, the Estonian E-commerce Association surveyed its members about companies providing e-commerce support services. Among payment solution providers, Montonio topped all of them and was rated very good by 97%. Such a high rating is a sign of quality and that we have developed our service in the right direction.

“A few years ago, open banking permanently changed the payment world of e-commerce,” commented Tõnu Väät, head of the Estonian E-commerce Association. “Thanks to open banking, several new generation payment solution providers have appeared. Therefore, the overall service availability has improved and fees have decreased. Montonio has clearly taken the largest market share in Estonia. They have done a good job and won the trust of several thousand online stores.”

Why is Montonio praised so much?

Montonio’s goal is to be a genuinely customer-oriented service provider. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Markus Lember, explains: “Right from the beginning, we set a goal that our customer is the most important thing for us. It means that we develop our service in a direction that makes the merchant’s work easier and more convenient. In addition, merchants have to get quick replies to their questions – our customer service answers merchants’ phone calls immediately or calls back within ten minutes on average. This way, all issues and questions are solved quickly. I can see that this is what has brought us success and 97% are satisfied with Montonio.”

Montonio’s product manager Maria Häling also highlights the contribution of the development team: “Our payment solution is also a very well-developed software solution – so far, various system failures have only been related to problems on the banks’ side, meaning that Montonio’s own system uptime is 100%. In addition, we are continuously creating new additional services that merchants are looking forward to – we help them increase sales and process orders faster.”

If you also want a payment solution with the highest satisfaction rate, get started today by creating your Montonio account.