5 ways to boost your online store conversion rate

Online retailers strive to increase their conversion rate, which is the percentage of website visitors who complete a purchase. It signifies the effectiveness of an online store in driving sales. Often, multiple small adjustments make a significant difference in conversion rates. Here are 5 actionable strategies to boost your online store conversion rate

1. Measure your conversion funnel

On a high level a conversion funnel usually looks something like this Homepage -> Product page -> Shopping cart -> Checkout page -> Purchase completed. Track the customer drop-off percentage in each of those pages and you’ll know where biggest improvements are necessary.

2. Send abandoned cart emails

When a customer added items to their shopping cart, but left your site without completing the purchase, it’s a good idea to send them an email reminder of items left behind, potentially enticing customers back to finish their transactions

3. Ensure you have the right payment methods

Offering a range of payment methods that your customers actually want to use can increase the likelihood of them completing their purchase. For example, in Poland, around 70% of all transactions in online stores are made with BLIK. The Baltics on the other hand are all about bank payments. It’s always a good idea to include card payments, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

4. Leverage social proof

People tend to trust other people, not businesses. Encourage customers to leave reviews and feature them prominently. This user-generated content might be the best marketing content you’ll need.

5. Employ exit-intent pop-ups

These pop-ups appear when visitors are about to leave your site, often providing a last-minute offer or discount. This can bring back hesitant customers and motivate them to complete their purchases. 

There isn’t a one secret trick to boost your conversion rate. Continuous testing, learning, and adjusting based on insights and changing customer behavior is necessary. Implement these steps gradually and watch your online store conversion rate reach new heights.