Shipping for ecommerce businesses

Send orders to a parcel machine, post office, or with a courier. Generate, edit and print shipping labels straight in your store admin with Montonio for WooCommerce plugin. Set it up once and let the automatic data exchange between shipping providers and our plugin do the rest.

Why choose Montonio Shipping?

Let shoppers search, not scroll

Make your checkout more convenient for your customers. Instead of having them scroll down a long long list of parcel terminals to look for their nearest or preferred location, let them search it by name. Now it just takes a second.

Manage shipping labels in one place

Conveniently generate, edit and print shipping labels in one place without having to switch between different places. You can create and print shipping labels directly in your WooCommerce store admin or in the Montonio Partner System.

Easy setup in 15 minutes

Getting started is easy. If you already have accounts with shipping providers, you can connect them to our plugin by adding your account credentials in the plugin settings. And voilà, your shipping provider accounts are now connected and you’re ready to start generating and printing out shipping labels.

If you want to avoid having multiple contracts and invoicing, Montonio Shipping also provides per shipment pricing for selected shipping providers.

Convenient for the merchant. Convenient for the customer.

Handle shipping labels from one place

Generate, edit and print shipping labels without having to leave your WooCommerce store admin. Same is available in the Montonio Partner System.

Automatic data exchange with shipping providers

Create new labels and update existing ones without ever having to log into shipping providers’ self-service accounts.

Update shipping label information as you go

Customer asked to change their address or use a different provider? No need to generate a new label, updating an existing shipping label takes just 2 clicks.

Print multiple shipping labels with one click

If you have multiple orders to ship out, bulk check them in your list of orders and print out all shipment labels at once.

More convenient checkout experience for customers

Customers can search for their nearest or preferred parcel terminal location by name, instead of scrolling up and down a long list.

Add tracking codes into your emails

Add tracking codes into your customer email templates automatically. With a direct link to providers’ tracking page, customers can keep an eye on their shipment.

Hear from our merchants

Useful service for creating shipping labels. It’s great that it’s free, so definitely worth trying.

It is very convenient to print shipping labels directly in WooCommerce. For us, this is a big step forward in automating our online store.

Märt Piirsalu


Professional and fast responses from customer support, the service works flawlessly and is constantly getting even better. And it’s affordable!



We started using Montonio’s new delivery solution a few months ago. It has been very well received by our staff, very simple and fast. Especially that we can print out a large number of orders at once, which used to be a bit of a chore. In other words, our work management got better and it can definitely get even better.

Teet Soasepp



Parcel terminals
Post offices
Courier service
Parcel terminals
Post offices
Courier service
Parcel terminals
Post offices
Courier service


Montonio Shipping comes in two options. With each provider, you can either connect your existing shipping provider account to our plugin and manage labels completely free of charge, or avoid multiple contracts and get a volume-based pricing directly from us.


  • Direct contracts with providers
  • Free shipping label management

Pay per shipment

  • No contracts needed
  • Volume-based pricing

How to activate?

Montonio Shipping is built into Montonio for WooCommerce plugin and is available for ecommerce sites running on WooCommerce (WordPress). If you’re already using Montonio for WooCommerce plugin, just contact us at and we’ll activate Shipping for your store.

If you’re interested in taking your store to the next level with Montonio, just sign up and we’ll get you started with both Payments and Shipping.

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Popular payment options at a low cost

Paying with Montonio is convenient for the customer and affordable for you. All funds are instantly deposited to a bank account of your choosing.

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One application – multiple loan offers

By receiving offers from multiple lenders at once, the customer is more likely to find a fitting offer and drop-off is reduced by up to 35%.

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Pay later

Split payments without any additional interest or contract fees

Montonio Split allows paying in instalments with no additional interest or contract fees for the customer.

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