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Transaction fee


per transaction

Monthly savings


Monthly revenue 100 000€
Value of average order 50 €
Savings in comparison to pricing: Savings in comparison to pricing: 2.5% + 0.3€
The monthly minimum invoice amount is 5€. This applies only when the sum of payment fees is below 5€. No invoice will be sent if there were no transactions during the month.




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Bank payments

  • High payment conversion rates
  • Payments transferred instantly to your bank account
  • Integrating to your store takes 2 minutes
  • Fast 5-star customer support, get up and running in 1-2 business days
  • No registration or cancellation fees

Card payments

Let your customers pay with their Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card. Seamless payment experience and affordable fees.

Trusted by small and large ecommerce businesses

It is very convenient to print shipping labels directly in WooCommerce. For us, this is a big step forward in automating our online store.

Märt Piirsalu


Montonio is an excellent and trustworthy partner. Super fast payments, very low fees, great and easy usability and a personal approach to solution-oriented customer support.

Definitely recommend!



Very friendly and helpful customer support. The team is really there to help you out and to make your life even easier.


Htm Karolin

We joined Montonio when they had just started out and we’re really happy with our collaboration and it has only kept getting better and better. The team behind Montonio is very open to feedback and incorporating it into their services. Their customer support is great and they swiftly take care of issues should they come up. Can recommend!



If we’ve had any issues, the team has helped out even during the weekend. We’re very happy with Montonio and hopefully we’ll have a long collaboration for years to come!



It happens from time to time that a customer enters the wrong phone number or I need to send an order as two separate parcels. With Montonio, I can change the info on existing shipping label or generate a new shipping label with just a few clicks. It makes managing my online store orders so much easier.

Indrek Hein


We haven’t had a single problem with Montonio! They are super quick to reply and always find a solution or an answer to your question.
Definitely recommend!


Pure Cosmetics

Professional and fast responses from customer support, the service works flawlessly and is constantly getting even better. And it’s affordable!



We started using Montonio’s new delivery solution a few months ago. It has been very well received by our staff, very simple and fast. Especially that we can print out a large number of orders at once, which used to be a bit of a chore. In other words, our work management got better and it can definitely get even better.

Teet Soasepp


GoGoNano’s collaboration with Montonio began shortly after they entered the market with a desire to find a solution for accepting payments while avoiding unreasonably high service fees. Montonio solved this problem and more. In addition to several new payment options, the service is very fast and helpful. I have recommended the solution to many merchants and I will definitely recommend it in the future as well!



Useful service for creating shipping labels. It’s great that it’s free, so definitely worth trying.

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