Montonio’s impact on etuo’s online store expansion

Etuo, a leading Polish ecommerce company specialising in mobile phone accessories like phone covers and screen protectors, has expanded to 20 countries in recent years. Each new market has its challenges, but finding a reliable payment provider is always the key question. This case study examines the challenges etuo encountered when expanding to the Baltics, the solution they implemented by switching to Montonio, and the results they achieved as a result of this decision.


Etuo faced several challenges with its online store. First, there were macroeconomic challenges such as inflation in Europe and a decrease in sales due to the Ukrainian war. 

They also had to adapt to different markets’ payment preferences and try to understand what popular payment methods are used by customers. As they entered the Baltic market, they noticed that competitors had integrations with local banks, prompting the need to find a partner with the same payment methods available. 


To address their payment method challenges, etuo conducted competitor analysis and evaluated various options, including Montonio and its competitors. After thorough research and testing, they decided to switch to Montonio.

There were multiple reasons why etuo switched to Montonio:

  • Montonio offered exactly the features that they were looking for
  • the pricing was competitive
  • feedback from the market was very positive

Etuo co-founder and ecommerce manager Hubert Zawada explained what they look for in a payments provider: “To start with, we expect the signup process to be quick and smooth. Montonio has support in many languages, including Polish. They helped us sign up for our account and quickly go through the verification process. Also, Montonio’s admin panel is clear and not complicated.”

He added: “Furthermore, Montonio is using account-to-account payments, which means that we receive every payment separately, we can see the payer’s name, their bank account number and the exact amount they paid. It is very easy for our finance department to work with it. Other payment companies send only monthly or weekly bulk payments and we would have more work because of that.”


Ease of use was crucial for etuo, and Montonio really delivered on that front. Hubert Zawada explained: “From our experience, some payment providers, especially in the German market are painfully difficult to use: for example, their admin panel is difficult to use, difficult to understand. With Montonio, the admin interface is clear, and everything is easy to find.” 

Thanks to Montonio’s account-to-account payment solution etuo has improved its cash flow speed, they receive money right away and don’t have to wait for the weekly or monthly payout.

They also noticed that Montonio is very easy to integrate with Magento 2 framework. “Magento 2 is a very complex platform, there are a lot of extensions and modules and usually you have to edit some code and customise the integration and this means extra cost,” said Zawada. “To our surprise, Montonio worked out of the box–we just installed it and everything worked! This is rare for Magento 2 integrations.”

At the moment etuo uses Montonio payments in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Being very satisfied with how smoothly Montonio works in the Baltics, they are thinking about using Montonio’s payment solution in Poland, too.