Montonio Winter Days 2024: a blend of unity, vision, and celebration

As the frosty embrace of winter wraps around us, the Montonio team kicked off an exciting few days of teamwork, learning, and bonding at our eagerly awaited Winter Days. Let’s take a look at what happened during those two unforgettable days.

Day 0: Starting off strong

Our adventure started with the warm welcome of our Baltic & Polish colleagues at the airport. The day unfolded with 2 leadership workshops:

  • “Recruitment 101” led by Ergo Luht, our Talent Acquisition Manager
  • “Giving Feedback and Recognition” led by Karel Nappus, our Co-founder & COO

We ended the day with a pre-mingle at the office, having dinner (SO MANY CHEESEBURGERS!), chatting and getting ready for the next days.

Day 1: Learning, laughing & team building

We started the day with a funny drawing game. Everyone had to draw another team member without looking, and those drawings became our Slack pictures for the week. It was a great laugh!

Then, our Co-founder & CEO Markus Lember led an important work talk about how well we did last year and what’s coming next for Montonio. The following Q&A session with our founders emphasized our commitment to open and clear communication, ensuring everyone’s questions were heard and answered.

Adding to that, we had insightful presentations by Rasmus Õisma, our Co-founder & CCO. Rasmus delved into “PSD3 – what will the future bring” offering a brief look into the future of payment service directives.

The stage was also taken by Kaari Sibrits, our Product Manager, and her “How to Merchant” presentation. She shared the firsthand experience of our Product team from visiting 2 of our merchants, complete with photos and videos, giving everyone a real taste of running an online store.

The team challenge – presentation karaoke, was a highlight, with teams creating fun slides about 2023’s highlights and plans for 2024 for their leads to present, without them knowing about what is coming next on the slides. It was a great mix of fun and teamwork.

We also learned a lot from our two guest speakers. Mathis Bogens from Bolt shared how they enhanced productivity using Slack, and Anna-Liisa Palatu from Woola discussed ecommerce and sustainability trends, both adding depth to our understanding of current trends in internal communication and sustainability.

The day concluded with a variety of team activities. Whether strategizing in Megazone, getting creative at ArtParty, or belting out tunes at karaoke, there was something for everyone to enjoy and bond over.

Day 2: Fun in the forest and a fancy party

Our final day began with fun games in the forest and a picnic, which was a nice change of pace. After that, we warmed up and relaxed at the SPA before the upcoming party.

The evening’s Bond-themed party, hosted by Andreas Melts, was the grand finale — a shining night of poker, awards, and dance brought up the spirit of celebration and togetherness. The perfect way to end our Winter Days.

The Montonio Winter Days 2024 were unforgettable. We learned a lot, got closer as a team, and had tons of fun. It reminded us how important it is to take time to connect and enjoy each other’s company. We’re now even more excited to work together and see what the future holds for Montonio.

Join us for Montonio’s upcoming Winter Days!

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Fingers crossed and you might be sharing memories with us at our next events! 😉