Montonio Shipping: manage e-commerce shipping labels swiftly from one place

Usually, managing shipping labels for online store orders is quite a hassle: the merchant has to switch between different delivery partners’ self-services in order to get all shipping labels printed. And if you need to change something on the shipping label (for example, a customer entered his phone number incorrectly) then this is an additional inconvenient task.

To solve these concerns, we have created a shipping solution for the WooCommerce platform. It includes DPD, Itella, Omniva parcel machines and couriers, also post offices in Estonia and Finland. By the way, Omniva courier is available across Europe, Itella courier in Estonia and DPD courier in the Baltics.

With Montonio’s free module, you can add delivery options to your online store and print all shipping labels directly on the WooCommerce admin panel or in Montonio Partner System. And if you need to change the information on the package label or even change one delivery partner to another, this can also be done conveniently and directly on the WooCommerce admin panel.

First impressions from merchants

Märt Piirsalu, the manager of Lää, has already adopted Montonio Shipping and praises its user-friendliness: “It is very convenient to print shipping labels directly in WooCommerce. For us, this is a big step forward in automating our e-shop.”

Indrek Hein, the manager of, acknowledges the possibility of changing the information on the package label: “From time to time it still happens that a customer enters the wrong phone number or I need to send an order as two separate parcels. In Montonio, you can change the info on existing shipping label or generate a new shipping label with a few clicks. It makes managing e-shop orders so much easier.”

Montonio’s delivery solution has several convenient features:

  • E-shoppers can conveniently search for the nearest or most suitable parcel machine without scrolling through a long list.
  • Merchants can use an automatically added tracking code in notification emails, so customers can track the status of the package directly on the delivery partner page.

As an online store manager, you can conveniently manage orders and deliveries from one place without switching between different environments. You can create and print package labels directly in WooCommerce.

You can do the same in the Montonio Partner System. And if you need to change the information on the shipping label, you can do it very conveniently in the same system – even change a delivery partner without generating a new label. We received a lot of feedback that changing the information on the parcel labels was annoying and time-consuming with other solutions, so we made a better solution.

Sign direct contracts with delivery providers, activate our delivery and you’re ready to ship with Montonio Shipping.

Montonio module already includes:

  • DPD courier and parcel machines in the Baltic countries
  • Omniva parcel machines in the Baltic countries, courier across Europe
  • Itella parcel machines in Estonia and Finland; courier in Estonia
  • Estonian and Finnish post offices

We are also working on adding additional delivery options:

  • LP EXPRESS parcel machines and courier
  • Latvian Post parcel machines and courier
  • Venipak parcel machines and courier
  • Latvian and Lithuanian post offices

If you would like to activate delivery for your Montonio account, please feel free to email