How to get 10% more sales just by switching online payment provider

Jammi is not your typical online store – they are actually a fast food chain – but they also sell their food online and have the same challenges as every other online store. Here’s how they increased their successful payments by 10% just by switching over to Montonio.

“We have small restaurants all around Vilnius and most of our sales are takeaway,” described Jammi’s head of marketing Žilvinas Kuprėnas. “Before the online store, customers would just call us and order the food over the phone. As we got more orders, it took a lot of time to answer the phone and get the orders. Also, over the phone, it can happen that you mishear the customer. So we were looking for a better solution: how to get the orders in more efficiently and there’s no better way than an online store. For Jammi it gave a huge improvement in efficiency: customers take care of the whole ordering process, my staff has more time for cooking and the order information is always correct. “

Challenges with online ordering

Starting out with their online store, Jammi’s team had 3 challenges to solve:

  1. Order management structure – how do orders come in, how will they be distributed between different restaurants and how will the Jammi team manage them.
  2. Receiving payments correctly – Jammi has a lot of customers and online payments have to work flawlessly for all of them
  3. Getting payment and order information without delay – time is crucial here, since cooks have to prepare food in a timely manner, so when the customer comes to pick it up, the food is ready and nice and hot.

The order management structure challenge got solved with a suitable order management system: each restaurant can see online orders just for their location and the information is updated in real-time – so when a new order comes in, the staff will know immediately.

With payments, though, there were initially a few setbacks. Kuprėnas explained that before Montonio they used another well-known payment provider and with them, there were some serious issues with payments. “Once we started getting more online orders, we noticed that for some of the orders we got payment confirmation too late – like 10 or 15 minutes after the actual transaction. But we are a fast food chain and we need to start preparing the food as soon as the customer has made the payment and starts walking or driving toward our restaurant.”

And that’s not all: “Another problem was that for some orders our customers could not finish the payment, the service provider’ system got stuck or something. So this meant that we had angry customers who were not able to order the food. That was unacceptable to us. We just needed to have a payment solution that works 100% of the time.”

Their previous payment provider just couldn’t sort it out. Wanting to improve the business, Kuprėnas started looking for a new partner and found Montonio. Jammi’s team is satisfied with the change: “With Montonio the problem has disappeared. Moreover, thanks to Montonio, the share of successful payments increased by almost 10% which, in turn, increased the turnover of our online store by nearly 10% as well!”

Good online payments provider = reliable, affordable, helpful

When talking about what really matters when choosing a payment provider, Kuprėnas pointed out trustworthiness: “Reliability is the main thing, really: the service has to work flawlessly. Price is of course important. Also, we look for the right approach to the partnership. the thing we like about Montonio is that when we talk about our problems, they treat them as their own problem. They take this seriously and if we have some kind of issue, they are working for that to be solved. We’re very happy with that and we really appreciate Montonio team’s helpful attitude.”