How Tavex doubled payment initiation service payments with Montonio

Tavex is a reputable precious metals and banknote retailer with 11 stores and an online store in Poland. Offering an expansive range of investment gold, silver, platinum and various world currencies, Tavex caters to a diverse array of customers seeking secure and reliable financial products.


Despite their strong online presence and notable reputation, Tavex faced a significant challenge. Providing a smooth, secure, and user-friendly checkout experience was vital for customer satisfaction. They also wanted to offer their customers a more automatic and requires less manual work method payment to make the ordering process faster and more user-friendly. Another challenge was pricing: Tavex wanted to offer cost-effective solutions to customers.


Tavex turned to Montonio to solve these issues. Montonio offered everything they needed: all needed payment methods together with smooth, secure, and reliable transactions, that would build customer satisfaction and trust. Also, both Tavex and their customers greatly benefit from a transparent pricing structure and low fees. In the past, customers had to choose between manual bank transfers or were required to pay a transaction fee during online payments. Now, with the introduction of Montonio, payments are completely free of charge for them.


Switching to Montonio brought significant improvements for Tavex. Since the checkout experience is much more streamlined and there is no transaction fee for the customer, it has more than doubled the transactions through payment initiation service (other customers still preferred manual bank transfers or paying in-store). Montonio was also very easy to integrate so the whole starting-up process was quick and hassle-free for Tavex.